Ocean Odyssey Research Project IS 93

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Our Ideas For The Research Project

Our topic for the research project is the affects of oil spills. We have team mates in Spain. Mr. Wright is setting up a partnership with a school in Carnota, Spain. In 2001, an oil tanker called the Prestige began to leak oil and eventually sank off the coast of Spain near the town of Carnota. This caused a huge environmental disaster. Our Ocean Odyssey Project is focused on two things. One part of our project will be an investigation of the physical affects of oil spills on the environment. The second part of the Project will be investigating the affects on people- our team mates in Spain will become our source of data on how the Prestige oil spill affected them and their families. We have researched the environmental affects of oil spills. We have more to learn but we know that oil spills are very bad for any environment. Our solution to help make a quick cleanup will be a remote-control robot that will be deployed quickly during an oil spill to minimize damage to the ocean environment. We have a design that uses an arm with a rake to clean sand and soil. We are not sure yet of what our research will produce for the human affects because we do not know what the people who experienced the oil spill will say.


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