Ocean Odyssey Research Project IS 93

Monday, January 30, 2006


First step...

and then...

Last week we were working in our robot and we are already able to carry out with success the simplest missions (reef, shark, pipeline and to cover the bombs of petroleum.)
Everything was quite easy because the programs carry out them with turns of motors and times. We lacked to incorporate some pincers to the robot so that it could grab (the archaeological artifacts and the small submarine)
Thinking at home discovers a very simple and effective mechanism. Some pincers with a lot of force that they also incorporate to the robot or they take off with great easiness (to win time)
We send you some picture of our advances.
It is a pity that we have not begun with more advance to serve you as more help in your competition.
A greeting and forgive me for my bad expression in English.
and our result!


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